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Health Numerology

Each and every one of us dream of a good health and want to live a long life. Numerology can help you to retain a good health. As in numerology each planet has been associated to a particular number. Your health revels in your date of birth. Depending upon your psychic number, numerology shows that what kind of tendencies one will have to develop certain kinds of health problems. Numerology is like a physician. The physician heals the body, through medicines; the Numerologist heals the mind through remedies. Remedies help to change the Inauspicious to Auspicious.

Number Part of the body dominated / governed

  • Heart and Upper Abdomen

  • Heart, Lungs, Chest, and Blood

  • Thighs and Limbs

  • Respiratory Organs

  • Hands, Collar bones, Neck, Respiratory track, Navel bones and Lower Abdomen

  • Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Face, Semen and Genitals

  • Brain and Skin

  • Knees, Bones, Flesh, Shanks and Breathing

  • Kidney, Bladder, Head, and Brain

Number 1:
Persons born on 1, 10, 19 or 28 of any month are governed by the Sun planet. People born on these dates are lucky in having a good health. They are prone to following health problems:

Heart trouble
Trouble of the eyes
Diseases linked with blood and its irregular circulation
Blood pressure, mainly in old age
Sun stroke

Although all number 1 persons have strong build. Whenever in old age there is a situation for them to hospitalized, they recover very quickly and live a long life. They should massage their body with seamen oil or almond oil to maintain good blood circulation. Any exercises that enhance the blood circulation can be very helpful for them. Don’t let mental strain or worry gets you down, otherwise your health will suffer. They should not take food which increases acidity, as their temperament is bile-dominated (pitta), and they need to maintain alkaline blood chemistry. Bile gets aggravated by anger, grief, fear, physical exertion, improper indigestion, and the use of bitter and pungent, acidic, salty and dry substances. They should also avoid exposure to sun and heat, it also aggravates bile.

They should avoid oily foods and take a lot of fruits especially watery fruits like watermelon, musk melon etc. Lemon water is great for them in summers.
Number 2:

Persons born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 of any month are governed by the Moon planet. They are often not with strong builds. They are prone to following health problems:

Stomach and Digestive organs
Poor blood circulation which causes anemia and other related diseases
Stress and strain which cause nervousness
Mental worries and sleeplessness
Asthmatic trouble

They are emotional and sensitive by nature; they often get into emotional conflicts. They are advised to avoid these conflicts. For the peace of their emotional conflicts they should drink water from silver glass. They should meditate regularly. They are prone to indigestion, constipation, lack of appetite, intestinal and gas troubles. They are especially suspect able to infectious diseases. Seminal diseases for men and uterine infections for women are common in them. They should massage their body regularly. They should take black pepper and honey in the morning. They should avoid becoming addicted to tea or coffee. Taking homemade buttermilk and other foods that clean the lower abdominal tract is good for their health.

Number 3:
Persons born on 3, 12, 21 or 30 of any month are governed by the Jupiter planet. They are prone to following health problems:

Chest and Lungs disorders
Throat afflictions and Sore throat
Overstrain of the nervous system due to overwork
Skin troubles

They are suspect able to the problems related to wind or air. A massage with seamen oil containing fenugreek seeds that have been cooked with a little vinegar can be very helpful for them. It helps in opening the frail nerves. They should avoid garlic, ginger, asafetida, and fenugreek seeds in food. Carrot and apple juice is great for them. Breathing exercises and meditation can improve there health a lot. Listening to relaxing music can also help them a lot. Vegetarian diet and morning walk is advisable for them.
Number 4:

Persons born on 4, 13, 22 or 31 of any month are governed by the Rahu planet. They are prone to following health problems:

Melancholia and Depression
Poor respiratory system leading to breathlessness
Urinary infections
Colds and coughs
Heart problems

They are prone to diseases that cannot be easily diagnosed or cured. They should use fenugreek seeds and oregano seeds to prevent problems created by low gastric fire and gas troubles. Carrot juice, apple juice and beet juice is excellent for them. They should avoid anger. Regular use of purifying teas, herbal teas, green leafy vegetables, and sprouts will help them remain strong and healthy. They should avoid eating sugar. They should eat fruits after sunset. They should eat and drink from silver utensils; it is very beneficial for them. Avoid anger and arguing.

Number 5:
Persons Born on 5, 14 or 23 of any month are governed by the Mercury planet. They are prone to following health problems:

Nervousness due to excessive mental strain
Cough, Cold and Flue
Skin disorders
Kidney problems

They can overcome most of their health problems through adequate rest and meditation. You work too much mentally. You should not stress for too long. Avoid sleepless nights. Avoid fear also; it will help you to be strong internally. A week memory can also be cause due to mental pressure. Sleep, peace and rest is the best medicine for you .Carrots, green leafy vegetables, turnips, almonds, and citrus foods are advisable for you. They should avoid being fatalistic and bothering.
Number 6:

Persons born on 6, 15 or 24 of any month are governed by the Venus planet. They are prone to following health problems:

Epidemic fever
Infections of the nose, throat and lungs
Heart problem in old age
Women may suffer with their breasts

They are quiet healthy but just because of their own carelessness they suffer from diseases. They are mucus-dominated. They are emotional which can cause weakness in their nerves. They should avoid sweets, spicy and oily food. Constipation can also occur frequently to them. They should avoid hard physical labor. They should also avoid intimate relation outside their marriage. They should practice pranayama, take frequent morning walk and eat healthy food. Avoid water sports.

Number 7:

Persons born on 7, 16 or 25 of any month are governed by the Ketu planet. They are prone to following health problems:

Skin diseases
Gout and Arthritis in old age
Faulty blood circulation

They are very sensitive and are easily irritated with the slightest disturbances. They are stronger mentally than physically. They should take vitamin D and E, drink fresh fruit juices, develop regular eating habits and avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs. They should eat for the taste and benefit from foods, rather then simply using foods to fill their stomachs and rush off to be busy again. They should walks near lake, river or waterfall and listen good music and try to get away from stressful situations. They should not exhaust themselves by overworking.

Number 8:
Persons born on 8, 17 or 26 are governed by the Saturn planet. They are prone to following health problems:

Trouble with legs, teeth and ears
Rheumatism and gout
Frequent headaches
Disorder of liver and intestines
Blood pressure and Heart troubles in old age

They should massage their bodies regularly with mustard oil. They usually suffer from the ailments for a long period before they get cured. They should take more iron and calcium in food. They should avoid canned food and fast food. They should take more of grains, pluses and fresh juices. They should avoid lethargy, passivity and isolation. They should avoid intoxicants, drugs and alcohol. Morning walks and honey is great for them. Home made buttermilk is excellent for them.
Number 9:
Persons born on 9, 18 or 27 of any month are governed by the Mars planet. They are prone to following health problems:

All kinds of fevers
Chicken-pox, small-pox
Kidney troubles
Trouble with the throat and the bronchial tubes

They are prone to addictions, so avoid intoxicants, alcohol and drugs. They should avoid oily and greasy food, pickles, and hot spices. They should take dates cooked in hot milk. Saffron is also great for them. Morning walk and massage is good for them. Although they have strong builds and they do not get sick easily. They should avoid anger, arrogance and aggressiveness. They should avoid all quarrelsome situations and try not to be negative, offensive, loud or violet as it suffers their health. They have also week immune system.

Personal Year Health Precautions:

The personal year not only indicates what needs to be focused enduring the year, but also serves as a guide for avoiding or certain health issues. The following is a list of what health vulnerabilities to look out for in each personal year. In the said personal year listed below one should take special care of the said areas.

Personal Year 1: Head and Sense organs

Personal Year 2: Nervous System and Kidneys

Personal Year 3: Throat, Liver and Glands

Personal Year 4: Teeth and Bones

Personal Year 5: Sex Organs

Personal Year 6: Chronic Illnesses

Personal Year 7: Addictions

Personal Year 8: Digestive tract

Personal Year 9: Risks of physical exhaustion, fevers and accidents

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