Ketu Sign

Ketu Ruler of Emotions

Planet Ketu Benefice, Malefic results and Ketu Remedies

The Ketu is a celestial body which is generally referred o as a Ďshadowí planet and is malefic by nature. Ketu has a tremendous impact on human lives. It is actually a spiritual planet and an indicator of enlightenment. Accordingly it is considered a "moksh-karaka", or a force which can lead to enlightenment and freedom from the cycle of repeated birth and death. Physically, it may cause the circulation to be poor, bad digestion, skin diseases, anaemia, ulcers, too much heat within the body and muscular or nervous system disorders, pains in joints and nerves. Ketu rules number 7 in Vedic numerology. It gives wisdom, knowledge, and physic abilities to its natives. Ketu is neutral in gender, tamasic in nature, harsh, and disruptive in character. It is powerfully in night and easily irritable in nature. It makes their natives interested in healing arts , natural healing, occult science, tantric, healing through herbs, foods , spices, sound vibrations, and so on. Natives of ketu are talkative, revolutionary, and moody; they love discussions, and debates, and have their own type of logic. They live in fantasies, are institutive, imaginative, they love mystery and keep a mystery environment around them and love to exaggerate. They are shabby in appearance, not caring for their outer image. They accept truths from all religion and create religions of their own. Ketu rules over old age. Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Saturn are there friends. Jupiter is neutral. Sun, moon, mars are their enemies. If Ketu is favourable it brings a wealth and prosperity. But if itís unfavourable, it causes poor eyesight, worries and anxiety too.

Some Remedies for Ketu:

Japa of the Ketu beeja mantra: Om shram shreem shroum sah ketave namah, 7000 times in 40 days.
Donate a black cow or black mustard seeds on thursday.
Fasting on Thursdays.
Pooja Ganesh pooja.
Wear a 9 mukhi rudraksha.
Feed jaggery to monkeys.
Apply saffron as Tilak for 40 days.
Reciting of Shiva Panchakshari Stotra.
Worship Lord Ganesha.



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