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A Yantra means mystical diagrams, of a particular planet for the representation of divinity. A Yantra acts as a tool for meditation and ritual. Yantra can be traced on paper, metal, glass, stone and other materials. It is also known as magic squares in Vedic numerology. The different planets in our solar system have different effects on our daily lives and there are different yantra’s for each planet, when properly installed and worshipped, allow its natives to get rid of its malefic effects. Yantra is like an allopathic medicine, which gives immediate effects. Yantras are not supposed to wear as a lucky charm. Yantra - a magic square can be drawn in their specific pattern. Yantra represents the attributes of the god they wish to sculpt.  Yantras are used to bring wealth and prosperity in life, to enhance the quality of life, love, to heal and relieve health problems, to protect oneself from negative forces and so on. Numerology Yantra - a magic squares can be used for divination, to bring good luck to the bearer, ward off harm and ill luck, and to draw love and prosperity to you like a magnet. They are relatively simple to make, can be drawn or printed on paper, inscribed on metal, or carved in wood or stone. It is closely related to mantra’s as for a particular planet when a yantra is prepared with rituals the mantra of that particular planet is said to make it auspicious. The numerical yantras are mystical diagrams of planetary energy which are very auspicious. A yantra is a substitute for an anthropomorphic image of the deity. Yantras are powerful protectors against problems.

Some rules for Yantra’s

Numerology yantra’s should be made on bhoj patra. ( Bhojpatra is the soft part of the bark of a tree, which is traditionally considered best for making yantras. )

It can be manually drawn on plain white paper also.
It should be drawn using a special ink made out of “scents” and with pomegranate wood pen.
It may also be drawn from red pen if on paper.
It should be prepare on the associated day.
It should be prepared with the mantra of the associated deity.
It should not to be prepared in Rahu Kal.
As it is a very auspicious and spiritual kwacha, which should be prepared it with right method and rituals.
The one should pay obeisance to the Yantra regularly.

Numerology Magic Yantras for Nine Planets

Ruling Number Planet Yantra Name Associated Day Associated Diety
1 Sun Sun Yantra Sunday Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati
2 Moon Moon Yantra Monday Lord Shiva
3 Jupiter Jupiter Yantra Thursday Lord Brahma
 Lord Shiva
Indra goddess parvati
4 Rahu Rahu Yantra Saturday Lord Hanuman
5 Mercury Mercury Yantra Wednesday Goddess Parvati
6 Venus Venus Yantra Friday Goddess Lakshmi
7 Ketu Ketu Yantra Saturday Lord Bhairav
8 Saturn Saturn Yantra Saturday Lord Hanuman
9 Mars Mars Yantra Tuesday Lord Hanuman


6 1 8
7 5 3
2 9 4
7 2 9
8 6 4
3 10 5
10 5 12
11 9 7
6 13 8
Sun Yantra Moon Yantra Jupiter Yantra
13 8 15
14 12 10
9 16 11
13 8 15
14 12 10
9 16 11
11 6 13
12 10 8
7 14 9
Rahu Yantra Mercury Yantra Venus Yantra
14 9 16
15 13 11
10 17 12
4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6
8 3 10
9 7 5
4 11 6
Ketu Yantra Saturn Yantra Mars Yantra

Note: Some special magic Yantra’s are also prepared according to the need or specification of an individual on request only.

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