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Lucky Numbers in Numerology

Lucky Numbers in Numerology World
There certain numbers in numerology that are believed by some to be auspicious or inauspicious. These numbers vibrate with you. Your lucky numbers come from two sources either from your date of birth, and your name. There are basic 9 numbers . Numerology revolves within these 9 numbers which are associated with a particular planet. Every body has more than one lucky number.

Synopsis of Lucky Numbers

Lucky Number 1:
The number 1 attracts things like originality, independence, exploration, and leadership.

Lucky Number 2:
The number 2 attracts things like diplomacy, romance, sensitivity, and friendship.

Lucky Number 3:
The number 3 attracts things like creativity, social interaction, spontaneity, and optimism.

Lucky Number 4:
The number 4 attracts things like practicality, determination, concentration, and accomplishment.

Lucky Number 5:
The number 5 attracts things like adventure, sensual expression, changes, and travel.

Lucky Number 6:
The number 6 attracts things like harmony, teaching, responsibility, and healing.

Lucky Number 7:
The number 7 attracts things like inventiveness, spirituality, introspection, and eccentricity.

Lucky Number 8:
The number 8 attracts things like project organizing, problem solving, financial certainty, and executive abilities.

Lucky Number 9:
The number 9 attracts things like healing, teaching, occult practices, and humanitarian activities.

Knowing what your lucky numbers is a huge advantage. You know what to expect. When in the enviable position of knowing what to expect, life is more predictable. With prediction, you can prepare in advance to take full advantage when it manifests.

Be lucky.

Priyankaa V Kapoor

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