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Numbers Planet Favorite Day Favorite Color Favorite God Favorite Stone
1 SUN Sunday Blood Red Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati Ruby
2 MOON Monday White Lord Shiva Pearl
3 JUPITER Thursday Yellow Lord Brahma \ Lord Shiva \ Indra goddess parvati Yellow Sapphire \ Pukhraj
4 RAHU Saturday Blue \ Black Lord Hanuman Hessonite
5 MERCURY Wednesday Green Goddess Parvati Emerald diamond
6 VENUS Friday White Goddess Lakshmi  
7 KETU Saturday Smoke colored Lord Bhairav Cat’s Eye
8 SATURN Saturday Blue \ Black Lord Hanuman Neelam
9 MARS Tuesday Red Lord Hanuman Coral
Planet Numbers Qualities
 SUN 1 King, amicable, disciplined, authoritative,
energetic, love freedom, outspoken, rebellious, leaders, innovators.
JUPITER  3 Spiritual, counseling, friendly, self-centered, disciplined, good healers, hunger for knowledge, excellent planners, artistic, good communicators, religious, intelligent.
RAHU 4 Rebellious, impulsive, short-tempered, secretive, very aggressive, discipline, organized, outspoken.
MERCURY 5 Prince, entertaining, cunning, intelligent, sensitive, good communication, mentally balanced, flexible.
VENUS 6 Romantic, slow, sensual, sweet spoken, diplomatic, manipulative, love luxury & glamour.
KETU 7 Mystical, dreamy, institutive, inventive, highly secretive, low confidence, reckless.
SATURN 8 Discipline, organized, self-starter, Wise, malefic, servant-like, laborious, struggling, suffering, stubborn.
MARS 9 Unpredictable, warrior, moody, egotistic, strong, rough, rustic, perfectionist, doubting, fighting, alienating, discriminating.
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