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The theory of the zodiac was originated by the Babylonians certainly before 2000 BC as a skill of visualizing the passage of time. The zodiac worked as a symbolic calendar. The signs of the zodiac, as enumerated by Egyptian astronomer, Ptolemy, in the 2nd-century AD, are the ones we know today. The word zodiac comes from Greek word, zodiacus, meaning "circle of animals”. The Zodiac is a circle of space which is encircled by the earth. This zodiac circle is divided into twelve equal parts; of 30 degrees each, which is called the sign of the zodiac. In this zodiac planets travel from west to east going through one sign to another in their order from Aries to Pisces. Each sign posses a certain specific influence of its own. The motion of the earth around the sun once a year causes the sun to appear to pass through one of the 12 signs each month. Its influence according to the location, determine not alone the seasons, but the general nature and the character of persons born at that particular time. An individual's Sun sign will be more or less eighty percent accurate.

Quick Guide

Zodiac Sign Element Ruling House Ruling Planet Quality
March 21 - April 20
Fire 1st House Mars Cardinal
April 21 - May 21
Earth 2nd House Venus Fixed
May 22 - June 21
Air 3rd House Mercury Mutable
June 22 - July 22
Water 4th House Moon Cardinal
July 23 -August 21
Fire 5th House Sun Fixed
August 22 - September 23
Earth 6th House Mercury Mutable
September 24 - October 23
Air 7th House Venus Cardinal
October 24 - November 22
Water 8th house Pluto Fixed
November 23 - December 22
Fire 9th House Jupiter Mutable
December 23 – January 20
Earth 10th House Saturn Cardinal
January 21 - February 19
Air 11th House Saturn Fixed
February 20- March 20
Water 12th House Jupiter Mutable

Aries is the first astrological sun sign in the zodiac. It is called “The Ram” in Greek custom. The Sanskrit name of Aries in Hindu astrology is Mesa. Aries is a positive, assertive fire sign. Aries are known as born leaders. Arians are firm, energetic, brave, and aggressive. They are obsessive lover of politics and religion. They are good organizers but lack in discipline. They are intuitive and eloquent. They inspire people brilliantly. They are great in terms of love and love opposite sex. Lots of traveling is also indicated for them. They work very hard for their success and relax at last. They never give up. They are intelligent and full of enormous ideas. They love change and variety in life. They like doing things in their own way and do not like the interfering of others in their matters. They become impulsive and impatient too as sometimes they have a quick temperament. They have commanding personalities.

Taurus is the second sun sign in the zodiac. It is called “The Bull” in Latin which symbolizes as a stylized bull's head. The Sanskrit name of Taurus in Hindu astrology is vrsabha. Taurians are one of the most trustworthy persons. They are devoted, committed and hard working to their work. They are good looking people and have an excellent strength. You love luxuries life and work hard also to achieve money for that. They are usually cool people but if they get anger they become brutal. They have an excellent physical strength. Taurus wants the finest of everything in all areas of life. They are bighearted with their loved ones only not outsiders. They loved their homes and family. They posse good common sense but lack in flexibility. They search for tranquility and harmony in their relationships at most. They rarely make friends, but if they do they make it everlastingly. They are more practical then logical.

Gemini is the third sun sign in the zodiac. It is called “The Twins”. The Sanskrit name of Gemini in Hindu astrology is Mithuna. Gemini’s are intelligent persons with dual personality. They are very chatty but their talk is never idle to the situatioion. They get bored very easily if anything gets too long. They have a habit of making plans, talking at the sweetest, but when things come to take actions their minds get changed. They have an ability to manage different kind of varied and huge tasks at the same time very brilliantly. They are the ones who don’t show their real intensions. They are born sellers in every field of life. They think too much and fast, so they need to sleep more instead of others. They are mastermind in terms of speech and language. Besides their active brains they are very liberal, spontaneous and quite sensitive at times.

Cancer is the fourth sun sign in the zodiac. It is called “The Crab”. The Sanskrit name of Cancer in Hindu astrology is Karka. They are very emotional and intuitive. They have a strong attachment towards their home and mother. They become very protective for their families. They are dreamy and moody too. They cry very often and easily but their tears are never false. They have awfully tender heart filled with kindness and love. They are in a habit of keeping their things stored for future, which may be clothes, food or utility items, no matter what others think of them. There looks may be hard and tough from outside but from inside they are soft and modest. People misunderstood them because of their looks. In their relationships they are a blend of toughness and softness as their moods swings a lot. They insist tremendous love in their relations from other side.

Leo is the fifth sun sign in the zodiac. It is called “The Lion”. The Sanskrit name of Leo in Hindu astrology is Sinha. Leo’s are born leaders with strong will power and determination. They are extrovert, dominant and a brilliant initiator. They talk straight and to the point. They have a great command over there language with an excellent strength of will to perform. They are very passionate in love matters and flatter very easily. They love doing things in their own way and full of excitement. Leo’s are sociable personalities and are always the center of attraction in public. They are pone to spend there lives in a luxury which make them a spend thrift. You lean to be religious. You have a strong aspiration for travel. At times you become bureaucratic by nature and start interfering into other’s matters. They demand perfection in their lives from others but unable perform in return. They are very dedicated in their marriage but become over obsessive.

Virgo is the sixth sun sign in the zodiac. It is called “The Virgin”. The Sanskrit name of Virgo in Hindu astrology is Kanya. Virgo’s are very trustworthy and prompt individuals. They are very realistic and responsible persons. Virgo’s have the highest level of anxiety all the time but with great potency. They are enormously vigilant while spending money and even sharing their feelings with others. They are fond of helping others at any point of given time but uncomfortable in taking the help of others. The key word for Virgo’s is being practical. They are born logical and intelligent and have an aversion to foolishnesses and ignorance. They have a tendency to criticize very often and become ridiculous also sometimes. They are completely dedicated to their relationships but don’t show off. They have a brilliant memory and even memorize the minutes of every aspect. They are fond of traveling and have fine taste of food. They are very particular about hygiene and cleanliness. They don’t dream but believe in making their dreams come true and plan about there future perfectly.

Libra is the seventh sun sign in the zodiac. It is called “The Scales”. The Sanskrit name of Libra in Hindu astrology is Tula. Librans are polite, kindhearted, affectionate and graceful people. They are one of the most loving souls around. They have bright and cheerful smile which creates magic all around. They are excellent communicators, who at times also become quarrelsome and have a tendency of saying yes if you say no and vice- versa. They are fond of reading and music. Librans are tender people who know how to balance a situation well. They have there own judgment with logic and reason. They are very charming and sensitive too. They are always ready to help others and create peaceful atmosphere around them. They become great friends and lovers who always be fond of to be praised and being the center of attraction and attention in social gatherings. They care for there family and carry out there duties well. They always want there surroundings to be neat and well-arranged as they admire beauty and synchronization around them.

Scorpio is the eighth sun sign in the zodiac. It is called “The scorpion”. The Sanskrit name of Scorpio in Hindu astrology is Vrscika. Scorpions are strong-minded and optimistic individuals. They have vibrant personalities with strong, charismatic builds and sharp features. Scorpios are extremely loyal and dedicated to their loved ones. They act like an extremes he would either be the best or worst in there relationships. They are very mysterious and cool at the same time. They think both by heart and brain and then take the decisions. They encircle themselves with the sheer comfort of luxury and would frequently over-indulge in food, drink or even love. They lead high-quality, straightforward and well-disciplined lives but with a fiery temper and jealous nature quite often. They never break in any crisis and handle situations brilliantly. They are hard workers and self motivated people. They are fearless and love exploration in there lives. They work very smartly as they have a very sagacious mind.

Sagittarius is the ninth sun sign in the zodiac. It is called “The Archer”. The Sanskrit name of Sagittarius in Hindu astrology is Dhanu. Sagittarius is straightforward, honest, friendly and very optimistic. They can never stand fabrication and dishonest things and not even abide around them at any cost. They can loose there temper and become hot if things don’t go in their way, but they never had any intentions of harming or hurting anyone. They are animal lovers. They are talkative, sociable and have innovative ideas. They are very spiritual and have full faith in their divinity. They have a desire to get rich and often take risk in rich-quick-schemes, gambling and bets. They posses good sense of humor and have an exceptional sharp memory about dates and details. They are fond of reading and traveling and exploring new things. They have their own rules and regulations and stick to it. They trust that anything is possible and their aim is to live a good life. In relationships they need liberty and flawlessness. They are big hearted people and charitable. They are accused of being flirt but it’s not true, it just a characteristic of a Sagittarius of being more friendly and warm with opposite sex.

Capricorn is the tenth sun sign in the zodiac. It is called “"horned male goat"”. The Sanskrit name of Capricorn in Hindu astrology is Makara. Capricorns have an excellent will power, which moves slowly like a tortoise and wins the race. They have an exceptional sense of humor. They are very lovable diligent, honest, trustworthy and dedicated. They are close to their family and never try to change anything in their lives. They become often uncomfortable and shy in front of opposite sex. They are very cautious in involving in any commitment like marriage and business but if they do they treat it with lot of respect. They are strong from outside but very soft from inside. They are adamant and give value to there traditions and responsibilities. They are exceedingly well in organizing money and save for there future. They are called intellectual and work alcoholic people. They become awfully rigid and cynical occasionally if things don’t work in there way.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac. It is called "water-bearer”. The Sanskrit name of Aquarius in Hindu astrology is Kumbha. Aquarians are unique, proud, and independent people. They believe in live and let live attitude. They are very sincere, straightforward and prompt. They have very simple fundamentals of life and stick to it. There frame of mind swings a lot due to which they are quiet unpredictable people. They are extremely adaptable people, pure from heart and always ready to help others. They are keen on to have recognition and respect in society rather then money. Friendship is important in there lives as they are socialite people. They have a bundle of intelligence and intuitive minds. They are highly perceptive people, who are greatly affected by the thoughts and feelings of others. They constantly love to be in freedom other wise they suffer from claustrophobia which also increases the anxiety level. They are natural born communicators and realistic. They are very attentive, never enforce their ideas on others and speak truth.

Pisces is the twelfth sun sign in the zodiac. It is called “the fish”. The Sanskrit name of Pisces in Hindu astrology is Mina. Pisces are introverted, creative and perceptive persons. They are very casual, clear-hearted and generous and always ready to help others. They are day dreamers and always want there surroundings to be very clean, pure, nice and glorious. They are very easily effected by there surroundings and when they are often misunderstood by others they become depressed. They have the ability to face the ups and downs in life with calmness and balance due to there intuitive and thoughtful temperament. They are quiet creative and are capable for hiding their hurts and tears. They have a sharp intellect with enormous incredible ideas. They are never biased to anyone. They are loyal in their relationships and hate to reveal there private life in public, as they also feel uncomfortable in crowds and noise. They love romance, nature, music and always want being loved or wanted by others. For Pisces freedom and space in there relationships are very imperative aspect. As they dream a lot they become unreasonable and indolent when they need to be more attentive in a particular situation. Many people take advantage from Pisces a lot due to there dreamy and caring nature.

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