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House Number Numerology

All the numbers in the numerology has certain energy, the same energy generates vibration to a particular house number. The same energy or vibration works for you, as you choose that particular house number to live in. It also reflects your thoughts and ideas. Your lifestyle and personality is in some way associated with this house number. One should be clear what one wants from the house and then choose it.

The calculation of house number in numerology is easy. Just add all the digits and bring it to single number. For example if its 135, then add, 1+3+5 = 9, it means that your house number is 9. No blocks, street number should be added. Only numeric numbers. For example if it is B4/23, in this case we will only add 2+3 = 5, not B4 as it is the block number. The house number will be 5 in this case.

However, the major strength describing the atmosphere in a house according to its number can be briefly understood as follows:

House number 1: It indicates will and determination. Males will dominate in this house then woman. Original and creative ideas will be encouraged. Leadership values will be added. It is a good house number for a new start. There is an opportunity to attain leadership in the community around.

House number 2: It indicated peace, harmony and balance. Persons with social inclinations, willingness to share and help others, group activities, simple living and religious or spiritual minded people will find a successful living in this house. House number 2 will create balance and love in relationships. Good for new born babies.

House number 3: It indicates inspiration and good communication. Very good house number for students to study. People with articistic mind will find peace in this house number. Activities involving love and romance will be prevalent. Over-Friendly atmosphere will be created in house number 3.

House number 4: It indicates system and order. This is the house of rules and regulations. There will be duties and responsibilities requiring management, courage and steadiness. People living in house number 4 will command respect in the community around. Neatness will also be there in house number 4.

House number 5: It indicates freedom, unpredictability and new experiences. All the persons in this house are moving the entire time in and out. Travelling will be more in this house. There will be many ups and downs in finances also. Guests are frequent in house number 5.

House number 6: It indicates traditional living, happiness and wealth. Good and healthy lifestyle is also associated with house number 6. There will be a atmosphere of love, beauty and comfort. Luxuries will be added. Excellent relationships will be there between all family members.

House number 7: It indicates knowledge, spiritual and good education. Good for studies. It belongs for people, who are intellectuals, quiet introspective, studious and interested in aloofness. Mental tensions will be there due to disappointments in house number 7 for elders.

House number 8: It indicates power and good judgments. Good for people related with legal, property, finances, and business minded people. People living in house number 8, will be hard working and ambitious. Financial investments will increase.
One can well defined there goals in house number 8.

House number 9: It indicates true humanitarians and people interested in philanthropic ventures. Accidents are prone in house number 9. People in this house are known for charitable deeds and giving beauty and motivation to the world. In return they will not get love. Several experiences and ups and downs in emotional life are likely to be there.


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