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Lucky Number

Numerology works on the principal of numbers and their association with planets. All numbers are good, but it may give different results for every individual based upon his or her date of birth. When a situation doesn’t work for an individual everyone says you are unlucky and when the situation works everyone says you are the lucky one. Each individual is also associated with number which is derived from his or her date of birth. When this individual number gets harmony with the situation it works lucky. Many people believe that specific numbers are lucky for them. There will always couple of numbers which appear more often than others and which may also be lucky numbers for you. It may be your own personal lucky number, House number, Car number, Mobile number, Account number, Locker number etc. All these numbers should match with your psychic number to give harmonious results.

Personal lucky numbers are calculated with the help of your date of birth and your full name. Personal lucky numbers have a specific role in your life. After knowing your personal lucky number, you will be aware of the positive or negative vibrations in the life. Suppose you want to make a new friend, or to know whether your existing friend will help u, or may be you want to buy something new, or travel on a particular day etc. Personal lucky number can help you in all your day to day situations very effortlessly and effectively.

House Number

Everyone wants to buy a dream home. Choosing a lucky house number according to numerology can foretells the kind of events and experiences , both positive and negative , that are likely to come across during your stay in that particular house. By choosing the positive house number can bring pleasant results in life as it moves further.

Car Number

Each and every one of us dream of buying a car. In today’s busy life it is one of the most important necessity for traveling. Whether it is a small car or luxury care, sometimes happen you buy a new car and it met with an accident, why so? Good matching of your car number can make your car run smoothly and free from any miss happening also. In this regard the color of the car also matters. As each color in numerology is also associated with numbers.

Mobile Number

Mobile number is very personal number to use. Your mobile number gives an indication of the contacts and communications that are channeled through this number. This is very important aspect as if it’s the business mobile number, as it can drived end number of customers on your phone if it gets matched you.

Account Number

Every one opens an account with a bank for the purpose of financial transactions. To know the correct account number will help you to run your all transactions smoothly.


Locker Number

Locker is the personal storage compartment to keep your valuables, which may be in a bank, hostel or company etc. In west its said 13 is the unlucky locker number , but it is only a myth. Each and every number is good but the results are different according to the individuals.

You can have all this lucky numbers in our Lo Sho grid report. In general it will let u know what precautions you should take in life to lead a harmonious life. All the Important years of your life with Lucky Days & Dates with colours too. Your health, profession & career details to know what is a better option to opt job or business. We will give you suggestions, remedies along with your name check compatibility with your date of birth.

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