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Why IPL controversy with Lalit Modi – Numerological review

Lalit Modi is born on 29th November 1963, in New Delhi. He is the commissioner of IPL. He is also the MD of Modi Enterprises and the Executive Director of Godfrey Phillips India. Besides all this he has many other business running. He is a very influential celebrity in the field of cricket. IPL is the creation of Lalit Modi. IPL only happened because of him and become successful around the world. Hats’ off to Lalit Modi.

Numbers said a lot about Lalit Modi. His psychic number is 2, which is governed by Moon planet. His destiny number is 5, which is ruled by Mercury planet. Because of number 2, he is highly creative, innovative, good planner, dynamic and very forceful in carrying out their ideas well, which we can see as a result IPL. Because of number 5, he is versatile and enjoys doing a variety of different things at one time. Destiny Number 5 also denotes good wealth and fame.

He comes into this controversy because of his personal year 7. This year is a sabbatical year for him in many ways. Moreover his name total Lalit Modi is coming on 28/1, which is again a number which is full of contradictions. It indicates a good person who has a potential and rises in life and faces falls in life just because of controversies. Triple 1’s in his date of birth also indicates fake controversies. But all this controversy is majorly till April month, from May onwards things will improve in his favor and major situations will improve this year after September. Next year is the money year for Modi. Also currently Lalit Modi is going in 47th Year, which is again coming on number 2 which is favorable for him. This is only a short time span. He has taken a right decision not to resign and things will improve in his favor but it will take some time. I suggest Lalit Modi to change his name in near future.

Best of Luck
Priyankaa V Kapoor

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